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Twee Solar System Kids Sidewalk Chalk Set



Is this Solar System Sidewalk Chalk Set the greatest arts and crafts gift in the galaxy? We think it might just be. First of all, it includes 9 round chalk pieces inspired by our solar system’s planets (plus one extra for our old pal Pluto). Inside each piece, you’ll find multiple colors meant to represent the cores, layers and crusts of the planets. And the whole set is biodegradable, including the recyclable packaging, so it’s good for our home planet, too. What’s more: this classic kids’ art supply makes for a thoughtful gift.

Twee Solar System Kids Sidewalk Chalk Set 12″Wx9″Dx3″H
  • Set contains 9 round chalk pieces modeled after the eight planets in our solar system, plus Pluto
  • Handmade, biodegradable chalk with biodegradable, recyclable packaging
  • Each piece is poured in multiple colors and has a core, layer and crust (inspired by the real planets)
  • The three larger planets (Saturn, Uranus, Jupiter) have three colors inside and
  • The six smaller planets (Mars, Earth, Venus, Neptune, Mercury, Pluto) have two colors inside
  • Not for consumption
  • Meant to be used on surfaces with grit, including sidewalks, asphalt, concrete and slate
  • Ages 3 and up
  • Twee donates $2 from every sale of Mason’s Planets will go to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to support Autism research.
  • Made in USA of Domestic and Imported Materials